May 6, 2016

[UPDATE] Choco Moose 1.0.9

Hi! We just published a new update for Choco Moose on iOS and Android with 3 new characters and minor issues solved.

- BIG AL: from our game "Big Al's Shooting Gallery"
- MOUSE: With its cute cap
- SPEEDY MOUSE: With double Choco Boost

Get it now!

Android (Free):
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iOS (Free):

April 27, 2016

Choco Moose - Our new game has arrived!

Choco Moose

Android and iOS
F2P Game (Free to Play)

Android (Free):
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iOS (Free):

Supported languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italina and Portuguese.

Choco Moose and his friends can't wait to eat chocolate candies, but they must go through a path where an error will make them fall into the water.

- Tap right to walk
- Tap left to jump

Each time you do the right movement you'll be 1 point closer to be the 1st on the Leaderboards. Power-Ups will help you get more points.

Remember, you'll be able to ask Choco Moose's friends for help if you collect enough coins.

It's Choco Moose time!

July 17, 2015

Big Al's Shooting Gallery released for iOS

(Click here to Download)

iPad, iPhone and iPod users, the waiting is over. The version 1.1.8 has been released finally for iOS devices with enhaced features. Check it out and do not miss a bullet!

P.D. Do you like our new icon ;)?

June 4, 2015

Big Al's Shooting Gallery on ANDROID!

Hi Strangers! How is it going? Have you been playing Big Al's Shooting Gallery on Facebook (PC/MAC)? Well now we have a huge announce for you... ready?

Tha's right! Big Al's Shooting Gallery has been published on Android. You'll need Android 4.0 at least to be able to play it and if you want to save the scores and progress you made on the Facebook (PC/MAC) version. Just log in Facebook on the PC/MAC version (if you haven't done it already) and then log in Facebook on the Android version.

We will keep trying to improve the game with more content and improving performance.

Thanks and enjoy it :D!

P.D.: iOS users will have their version soon

May 22, 2015

Big Al's Shooting Gallery OPEN BETA

We have been away for a long time, some people that collaborated with our projects have full time jobs now and they can no longer keep creating games with us. But finally our new title is here, with all the love we always put in our projects, cool music and some cowboys swearing like the devil himself. We are so proud to present...

More info and screenshots: click here

Play on Facebook here:

Android: Coming Soon

Play the open beta, give us as many feedback as you want and meanwhile we'll keep improving the game and finishing the mobile versions (Android and iOS) of our game made 100% with Unity3D.

Thanks 4 reading and enjoy it.