April 30, 2010

2 free games 4 you!

"Ultra Air Hockey" y "Block And Roll" are avaiable to download.

Ultra Air Hockey (2009) was the first game created by José Manuel Fernández, founder of X25 Entertainment™. The game won the 3rd prize in a contest for XNA Games at the University of Alicante. That was just the beginning.

Block And Roll (2010) was developed by José Manuel Fernández because he had to do a videogame for an university subject.

Both games have been developed using the Microsoft Framework called XNA.

Thanks 4 reading :)

P.D. We will upload as soon as we can, some images of the new X25 Enterteinment™ game called... Turtle Casino... You'll love it ;)!

EDIT: We removed the links from the main page. You can download these games here:
Block And Roll
Ultra Air Hockey

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