January 16, 2011

Ultra Air Hockey 2 is a success

Hi everyone!

We want to celebrate that Ultra Air Hockey 2 has been downloaded 22,323 times on the first month at the Windows Phone Marketplace. Thank you so much :).

Here you can check the dialy downloads:

User's opinions:

Funky Monkey199 on Jan 15, 2011 said:
This was always a great app but it had a few glitches but it just updated and now this app runs very good. No glitches and smooth play. Kepp the updates coming and kudos to you makers of this app, you did a great job.

Jorge 92393 on Dec 30, 2010 said:

Best hockey app I've seen. You need to add a black table because white uses alot of battery. Sometimes gets repetitive with 1 Player mode. Good app though, good to play with friends! :D

steakyorange on Jan 7, 2011 said:

Savage29 on Dec 10, 2010 said:
The first mobile air hocky game that works well and is fun to play

We are developing now a new FREE game for Windows Phone 7. We will give you more info next week.

Thx 4 reading :)

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